Friday, September 5, 2008

I took on a NeoCon Blog and Won!

I was challenged to an interview by some wing nut conservative blogger named Les James last week. Listen folks, this guy is a military man, which is already one strike against him because he must have voluntereed to go kill babies in Iraq. The real patriots don't volunteer or seek refuge in Canada until the draft is over. How are we supposed to change our country if everyone is drafted into the army and fighting thousands of miles away. Like Kucinich said: "Strength Through Peace"

Interview Part One

Interview Part Two

Clearly, I crushed him with my superior intellect. But of course, as right-wingers always do, they change the truth to suit them. My interview was clearly edited to make me look crazy but I expect these underhanded kinds of tricks when your dealing with Bush lovers.

I am not happy being edited but it shows how much the right cheats.

1 comment:

Les James said...

Three things here Bozo. First: not a single word was edited. You are a wacko! Second: I've been retired for over eight years and so not involved in the Iraq war. Third: there is no draft. Tisk, tisk, tisk. Facts are such terrible things.

Speaking of editing, what happened to all of my comments? Didn't like hearing the truth? What, just lost them? Or were you just forgetful? Smuggled them out in yours socks and underwear? Your real name isn't Sandy is it?