Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Idiot of the Week: Politics by Satire

The Idiot Award of the week goes to a post about Barack being a Republican from the unfunny blog Politics by Satire. Not only do I fail to find the satire anywhere, but he has the gall to insinuate Obama is out of the gay closet.

Republicans don't like gay people so he wouldn't be one. Duh. Obama is also married with kids and is clearly NOT GAY! DUH!

Everything else in the post is also a lie by the way. America will not be hawkish. We will be friends with everyone which is more important.

How many of these blogs are there spreading these lies? Thank the stars there is truth on the internet like this shining beacon of hope known as the Super Liberal's blog.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Even the Sky is Happy

Even the stars, planets, and moon are aware that all is right with the world now that Obama is President and Hillary is the Secretary of State.

Obama is making all the best choices and this country will be the best again. No more crappy USA. Woot!

And I'm proud to be an American where at least I know it's free. I think that is how the song went. That guy was right this is the home of the free but yet not everyone understands the role government should have.

We will have freedom knowing our government will be providing us with free health care, retirement money, and many more benefits. It is what you pay for isn't it?

We will have cap and trade which will get rid of all the global warming. It is happening still and my climate change experiments proves it is a real threat to humanity.

We will have economic stability because companies will want to hire people to get the tax credit Obama proposes for newly-hired workers. Companies are greedy and would grow their labor force if it meant a tax cut. Some might even move back to the US!

This would never have happened if Grandpa was elected.

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