Friday, August 29, 2008

Super Liberal's Idiot of the Week Award

Time again for another Super Liberal enshrinement of a neocon, right-winged blog to the Idiot Award of the Week.

This week's entry is Army of Epiphenomenon, an completely unfunny wingnut blogger who completely tooled on Nancy Pelosi. Not only did this blogger photoshop the head of Pelosi on an bulimia victim, which I find reprehensible, but then implied she should have sex with John McCain to help Obama win.

Congratulations Army of whatever-your-stupid-name-is. You are a tool of the neocons, or just a tool.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Artic Sea Ice at Second Lowest Levels

Global Warming continues despite the Deniers' claims temperatures have stopped going up.

They just won't listen. From the climate change story on Yahoo:

More ominous signs Wednesday have scientists saying that a global warming "tipping point" in the Arctic seems to be happening before their eyes: Sea ice in the Arctic Ocean is at its second lowest level in about 30 years.

Thirty years! That is huge because unlike what the Deniers say, that time frame covers two sun cycles so the warming cannot be solar. Duh.

And when you consider that the current solar cycle is showing little sunspots and yet record ice is melting, I think the jury is out on climate change. I believe in fact.

How many computer models does the IPCC have to run before the skeptics will finally believe that humans are the sole cause of Climate Change? The ice in the Arctic is melting at rates we haven't seen since the 1930's and they did nothing to stop it 70 years ago. We look back at our Grandparents and ask what were they thinking?

Al Gore is right, we can't let our Grandchildren ask the same question of us.

Want more information that Global Warming is still going on? Read my experiment proving Global Warming HAS NOT STOPPED.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Processed Meats are Super Anti-Liberal

Super Liberal Says NO To Processed Meats

Seriously people, wake up! We can't let our kids eat this crap in schools. First we had obesity, and now colon cancer in children. What kind of future are we leaving them?

Super Liberal feels hot dogs and deli meats should not be sold or given to kids. Nothing wrong with a sandwich with organic cheese, natural goat's milk butter spread, and a little bit of dill seasoning. Don't forget to brush with Tom's toothpaste after!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Super Liberal's Idiot of the Week Award

Time for Super-Liberal to make fun of the right-wing neocon blogs, because they all are neocons, with the distinguished 'Idiot Award':

The first recipient of the Super Liberal Idiot award goes out to this very unfunny blog that makes fun of homeless people and especially a touchy subject of mine, global warming. The blog's name is Angry Seafood and here is one of his unfunny solutions to stop humans from killing the planet:

"The first thing we must do is learn to exhale less. It’s a hard road to take, I know but any journey starts with that first important step. I recommend starting off small, begin by pacing your breathing first at two second intervals, then three, then four until you exhale as much CO2 as you would while sleeping or at rest."

Who is this jerk? I can only hope he doesn't have any children so that he doesn't create a bigger carbon footprint. He probably drives an Escalade and hunts and votes for Bush. Yee haw you waste of life. It is people like you that add to our CO2 output.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Chapman Has Paid Enough for the Murder of Lennon

Is twenty-eight years too long a sentence when you are sorry?

Mark David Chapman, the man who killed John Lennon was up for parole and was denied again. Denied, despite the fact there were no letters or any type of communication from Ono or any of the Lennon family like in the past hearings.

The man obviously is remorseful and sorry. Super-Liberal thinks twenty-eight years is plenty of time for the this crime.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cheerleading Too Risky

Super-Liberal calls for ban on so-called sport of cheerleading

A scary report on cheerleading came out this week, confirming our worst fears:

"Indeed, cheerleaders suffered more injuries than all other school athletes combined - about 65% of severe injuries on the high school level and 67% on the college level. These findings confirm what many in this sport have worried about for years: as cheerleading has grown more competitive, athletes are willing to take greater risks."

They want to put more regulations on the industry, but we should just ban the sport of cheerleading entirely. It is dumb and exploits young women for the sake of capitalism. And with all the travel they do I am sure cheerleading puts up a Bigfoot-sized carbon footprint.

So yah, Super-Liberal says ban cheerleading and save high school athletes from serious life-threatening injuries and save the planet at the same time.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Super-Liberal Cannot Wait for Deval Patrick's Speech at the DNC

The DNC Speech should give Super-Liberal's favorite governor deserved recognition

Our fair and distinguished governor of Massachusetts Deval Patrick will be giving a speech on next Tuesday, the second night of the DNC convention and it should give him the spotlight he deserves.

He has done so much for the state from promoting the biosciences on the radio to helping grow the economy, and even had time to write a book all while helping Barack Obama become the Democratic Party's nominee. It also helps that Patrick is a good speaker which is important. People need to understand your message, especially in these times of despair of America.

I don't know how he let a referendum on repealing the state income tax get on the November ballot. We need taxes or else we will have to cut funding for schools and secondary education. We can only hope he finds a way to keep it from passing for the good of all of us. The last thing we need is another cigarette tax increase to pay for kids to have heat in their classrooms. It shouldn't have to be this way.

I do think he was dumb in letting out-of-state gay couples marry here though because now they will move to New Hampshire. It is good that we get more liberals in our neighbor to the north but if someday, Gaia forbid, Massachusetts gets taken over by conservatives (It won't happen but there might be a fluke year someday), we will need as many on the left as possible to hold what we hold dear in this great commonwealth of ours.

Go Deval! I can't wait to hear your speech because it will show America the next wave of brilliant politicians that will lead us into the change of hope of the future.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Super-Liberal Proves Global Warming Still Happening

Super-Liberal Shows Warming Hasn't Stopped

Here is yet more empirical evidence of global warming, despite what those holocaust deniers have been saying about this no-warming myth since 1998. It is a scientific experiment I did, and any of you can as well, that proved the planet still has a fever, it hasn't broken all you idiots out there with your Escalades!

I see you leaving them running while you come in for your coffee at Starbucks. This is why I blog from the corner table and not one near your capitalist stench that waifs from your very pores. It is bad enough I must view your obvious neglect for the welfare of our planet with an idling dinosaur fuel-ran auto but to smell the evil of materialism is just too much for my stomach to digest on top of the bran muffin my doctor says will help with the bloating.

The experiment was conducted over the last six months (January through June) with a daily temperature reading. The readings were taken at around the same time every day but I will admit that I missed a couple of weeks in April so I used May and June's averages then minused five from each one to fill in the missing weeks.

Here are the monthly averages:

~The average temperature at the beginning of the experiment was 22.4 F, and 76.2 at the end for a warming of like 55 degrees! The chart below also clearly shows this to be the case:

Now going further, there was a significant swing in the ratio of snowfall and rainfall precipitation:

If you look at both charts, you can plainly see that as the warming trend has continued, there has been a change from snow to rain as far as precipitation. This is obviously expected from a warming planet but the short time of the change is what is concerning, especially when the amount of rain is nowhere near the amount of snow. This could lead to water shortages, something predicted by the IPCC.

An unusually-warm April contributed heavily to the warming pattern:

What is the most-telling is how much that month added to the warming trend, especially since April historically tends to be cooler. Obviously, a warmer April means climate change is still happening. If this keeps up, we could lose a species or two before the decade ends.

(The study was conducted from daily temperature readings outside a liberal home in Arlington, Mass. from January 1 to June 30 then converted to monthly averages, with a +/- sampling error at around 4.5%.)

Friday, August 8, 2008

10 Funniest Green Viral Videos

Ten Funniest Green Viral Videos

These things are hilarious but if you are a Republibafoons you probably won't think any of these liberal videos are funny.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Super-Liberal Wants to Know: Who is Behind Climate Change Denial?

Big Oil of Course is behind it, and Bush

Loved this link on who's behind the climate holocaust denial machine. Look at this juicy tidbit:

The chief scientist of New Zealand's National Institute of Water and Atmospheric research, Dr Jim Salinger, knows all about misrepresentation. Two months ago, he was named by an Exxon-funded group, the Heartland Institute, as a scientist whose work undermined the theory that burning carbon was a cause of global warming.

The Heartland Institute - essentially a free market lobby - emphasises that "the climate is always changing". Salinger's research studied variation in climate, so his research was enrolled in the denial campaign.

Variations in the climate are normal, Salinger said, but this did not in any way weaken conclusions about the dangers of burning oil and coal. "Global warming is real," he said, and demanded reference to his work be removed. The institute refused. The Heartland Institute received almost $800,000 from Exxon, according to Greenpeace's research based on Exxon's corporate giving disclosures.