Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Idiot Award: Unfinished Rambler

The Idiot Award this time around goes to some right wingnut Unfinished Rambler.

His post, Wrong thoughts on the inauguration of our first black President is racist and he IS WRONG.

Here is a quote from Unfinished Racist:

"...we were listening to NPR's pre-coverage of the inauguration and we, being white people who live in the middle of a county where no black people exist except on TV and only in sporting events because after all, they real good at 'dem sporting events..."

A clear diss at Obama's ability to play basketball AND run the country. How many African-Americans must be elected President before the racists accept them?

I also know what it is like to face the pain and hardship of discrimination. It sucks.

So keep clinging to religion, racism, and guns neocons like Unfinished Bigot and Change will pass you by.

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Silent_Majority said...

So is it safe to assume that anyone who is white, religious and owns a gun is a racist. I assure you that I am not. I dislike Obama based on his liberal/socialist leanings not based on his color. I was hoping that the election of a black president would put to bed the racist rhetoric as he was elected by the "white racist" population. I pray for a day that being white does not automatically brand me a racist.

Anonymous said...

I like your style!

We'd be honored if you would consider cross posting some of your articles on our renegade black listed news forum.

Dr Doc dlcs said...

you sound angry and confused, or perhaps both.
Dr Doc dlcs

Conservatives for America said...

You are very disrespectful to a President that has fought hard for the country that he loves. Bush may not be the best of speakers, but his heart is definetly in the right place. Even though some did not agree with his dicisions, he was still there to make the decisions. Not many would be willing to do that. Making fun of someone who was there to make the tough decisions is wrong and will only hurt the liberal cause in the long run.

northierthanthou said...

Man, this country is better off without him in charge.