Friday, August 15, 2008

Super-Liberal Proves Global Warming Still Happening

Super-Liberal Shows Warming Hasn't Stopped

Here is yet more empirical evidence of global warming, despite what those holocaust deniers have been saying about this no-warming myth since 1998. It is a scientific experiment I did, and any of you can as well, that proved the planet still has a fever, it hasn't broken all you idiots out there with your Escalades!

I see you leaving them running while you come in for your coffee at Starbucks. This is why I blog from the corner table and not one near your capitalist stench that waifs from your very pores. It is bad enough I must view your obvious neglect for the welfare of our planet with an idling dinosaur fuel-ran auto but to smell the evil of materialism is just too much for my stomach to digest on top of the bran muffin my doctor says will help with the bloating.

The experiment was conducted over the last six months (January through June) with a daily temperature reading. The readings were taken at around the same time every day but I will admit that I missed a couple of weeks in April so I used May and June's averages then minused five from each one to fill in the missing weeks.

Here are the monthly averages:

~The average temperature at the beginning of the experiment was 22.4 F, and 76.2 at the end for a warming of like 55 degrees! The chart below also clearly shows this to be the case:

Now going further, there was a significant swing in the ratio of snowfall and rainfall precipitation:

If you look at both charts, you can plainly see that as the warming trend has continued, there has been a change from snow to rain as far as precipitation. This is obviously expected from a warming planet but the short time of the change is what is concerning, especially when the amount of rain is nowhere near the amount of snow. This could lead to water shortages, something predicted by the IPCC.

An unusually-warm April contributed heavily to the warming pattern:

What is the most-telling is how much that month added to the warming trend, especially since April historically tends to be cooler. Obviously, a warmer April means climate change is still happening. If this keeps up, we could lose a species or two before the decade ends.

(The study was conducted from daily temperature readings outside a liberal home in Arlington, Mass. from January 1 to June 30 then converted to monthly averages, with a +/- sampling error at around 4.5%.)

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