Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hillary Clinton Named Secretary of State

Hillary Clinton has accepted the position of Secretary of State, according to the Guardian. Love that paper by the way. They really have a progressive viewpoint on where America needs to change. We should listen to them.

So now we have Obama as President, Joe Biden as VP, and Hillary as Sec of State. I think there needs to be a place for Al Gore to combat Global Warming.

The naysayers still try and hold us back from the obvious: humans are killing this planet with their use of fossil fuels. October 2008 was the hottest year on record because the GISS said so. No right-wing blogger is going to try and change the truth with twisted facts and figures.

Make Gore the Secretary of Energy so we can get rid of the stupid coal plants and dino-fuel autos so animals and trees won't die anymore and my future children won't have to live underground.

The best part is this makes it so Hillary wins in 2016. Twelve years of Democrat rule. Won't that be awesome!? Life is going to be so much better for people like me, the downtrodden. We will no longer feel guilty for killing the planet.

Go Obama! Go Hillary! Bring Back Gore!

This is truly a magical time. Wow the U2 song "Beautiful Day" is now playing at the new Starbucks I am blogging from. See? The universe is already correcting itself from the last eight years of this...


Chris C said...

You must be in frigging heaven Monty while the rest of us people who actually work for a living to support bums like you are in hell for the next four years.

John Richie said...

God this blog is everything wrong with America in a nutshell.