Friday, August 22, 2008

Super Liberal's Idiot of the Week Award

Time for Super-Liberal to make fun of the right-wing neocon blogs, because they all are neocons, with the distinguished 'Idiot Award':

The first recipient of the Super Liberal Idiot award goes out to this very unfunny blog that makes fun of homeless people and especially a touchy subject of mine, global warming. The blog's name is Angry Seafood and here is one of his unfunny solutions to stop humans from killing the planet:

"The first thing we must do is learn to exhale less. It’s a hard road to take, I know but any journey starts with that first important step. I recommend starting off small, begin by pacing your breathing first at two second intervals, then three, then four until you exhale as much CO2 as you would while sleeping or at rest."

Who is this jerk? I can only hope he doesn't have any children so that he doesn't create a bigger carbon footprint. He probably drives an Escalade and hunts and votes for Bush. Yee haw you waste of life. It is people like you that add to our CO2 output.

1 comment:

Chris C said...

Dude you deleted all the comments?

You really are a liberal asshole.

And to return the favor here's my original comment again. Keep deleting it pal and I'll keep posting it you bag of douch.

"I didn't know Kucinich had a blog"