Sunday, August 17, 2008

Super-Liberal Cannot Wait for Deval Patrick's Speech at the DNC

The DNC Speech should give Super-Liberal's favorite governor deserved recognition

Our fair and distinguished governor of Massachusetts Deval Patrick will be giving a speech on next Tuesday, the second night of the DNC convention and it should give him the spotlight he deserves.

He has done so much for the state from promoting the biosciences on the radio to helping grow the economy, and even had time to write a book all while helping Barack Obama become the Democratic Party's nominee. It also helps that Patrick is a good speaker which is important. People need to understand your message, especially in these times of despair of America.

I don't know how he let a referendum on repealing the state income tax get on the November ballot. We need taxes or else we will have to cut funding for schools and secondary education. We can only hope he finds a way to keep it from passing for the good of all of us. The last thing we need is another cigarette tax increase to pay for kids to have heat in their classrooms. It shouldn't have to be this way.

I do think he was dumb in letting out-of-state gay couples marry here though because now they will move to New Hampshire. It is good that we get more liberals in our neighbor to the north but if someday, Gaia forbid, Massachusetts gets taken over by conservatives (It won't happen but there might be a fluke year someday), we will need as many on the left as possible to hold what we hold dear in this great commonwealth of ours.

Go Deval! I can't wait to hear your speech because it will show America the next wave of brilliant politicians that will lead us into the change of hope of the future.

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