Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cheerleading Too Risky

Super-Liberal calls for ban on so-called sport of cheerleading

A scary report on cheerleading came out this week, confirming our worst fears:

"Indeed, cheerleaders suffered more injuries than all other school athletes combined - about 65% of severe injuries on the high school level and 67% on the college level. These findings confirm what many in this sport have worried about for years: as cheerleading has grown more competitive, athletes are willing to take greater risks."

They want to put more regulations on the industry, but we should just ban the sport of cheerleading entirely. It is dumb and exploits young women for the sake of capitalism. And with all the travel they do I am sure cheerleading puts up a Bigfoot-sized carbon footprint.

So yah, Super-Liberal says ban cheerleading and save high school athletes from serious life-threatening injuries and save the planet at the same time.

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