Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thanks To Obama I Dont Have To Work Anymore

Like many of you I am very excited that Barack Obama is our President because it means so much to the people like myself being kept down by the man, ie: the right wing of our government.

To release myself from my bondage, I have gotten fired from my part-time job at the Dollar Store-a-Rama today. I could have quit but then I won't collect unemployment. Obama will surely extend the unemployment benefits so in the long run I will get out a lot more then I put in and the best part is no work.

Then once all the rich people get taxed and it trickles down to people like me I will be able to lead a productive life and have a house, money, and health care without having to be a sheep in the evil capitalist system in order to scrape a meager existence from the billions of dollars all those companies take in.

The American Dream has finally arrived everyone. If you don't embrace it you will be left behind while the rest of us succeed.

I also celebrated by trading some of my food stamps for the money to buy a ferret.

I will name him Lexington Windsor Cabot the Third.

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