Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Our Democratic Government Gets Stronger

Ted Stevens lost his re-election bid giving our team 58 votes. Fellow liberals we are now two votes away from being able to pass ANY LEGISLATION we want!

Then we kept Leiberman in the fold. I think that gives us a 59th vote. Woot!

It is like an early Hanukkah. The Democratic Party keeps getting gifts every day for like a whole week!

I know there is a bit of a dispute over whether Hillary actually accepted the Secretary of State position but we all know the vetting process is a formality.

Oh geez I didn't realize the time. Starbucks is about to close. I hope that the bike ride home will work off the excitement I have wondering what gift us liberals will have waiting under our menorah in the morning.

Al Gore for Secretary of Energy?

Yeah, I'm not sleeping tonight.


Chris C said...

Enjoy while it lasts there Mr. Moonbat.

Mayes said...

Man, I just found this blog and I love your way of thinking. Liberalism is it man.